Wlodek Orzel's Poster Gallery
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Włodek Orzeł

Wlodek Orzel's Poster Gallery

the owner: wlodek orzelrozdroze
   The Poster Gallery, known also as "Polplakat" was opened by Wlodek Orzel in 1993. It settled down in a desolate underground passage "Plac na Rozdrożu" and filled the place with vivid posters. That is how the one and only street gallery of Polish posters came into existence. There, the poster art was exposed to the passers-by, as it used to be during the golden years of Polish poster. In March 2009 the Gallery was cofounded Polish Poster Gallery, BUW at The University of Warsaw Library
Plakatkunst aus Polen - Roman Kalarus    The gallery is founded on the collection started in 1981. It includes posters dating back to 1945. The total number of posters, which constitute the collection is about 7000 different titles organised according to their authors and described in the catalogue.
   The most frequently represented artist are Waldemar ¦wierzy (about 600 posters), Andrzej P±gowski (about 400), Jan Młodożeniec (250), Jerzy Czerniawski (200), Roman Kalarus (150), Wiktor Sadowski (150), Henryk Tomaszewski (150) and Wiesław Wałkuski.
Plakaty z Polski - Żebrowski   Basing on the collection, it is possible to organise thematic exhibitions and the exhibitions devoted to one author. "Polplakat" cooperates with other art galleries and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad.

Różewicz - Łukaszonek   Posters from the collection were presented on the following exhibitions:
1991 - Posters from Włodek Orzeł's collection, Berlin
1993 - The last decade of Polish poster, Lipsk
1994 - Tourism Poster, Warszawa
1995 - Posters by Jan Młodożeniec, Berlin
1997 - Posters from Poland, Berlin
1999 - Chopin Posters, Helsinki
2004 - One of Each, Galeria Pokaz, Warszawa
2006 - Tadeusz Różewicz, Wejherowo
2008 - Jazz poster Wałbrzych
2009 - Plakat Jazzowy Rawicz
2009 - Mieczysław Wasilewski, Galeria Schody Warsaw
2009 - Polska Szkoła Plakatu, Kalisz www.ckis.kalisz.pl
2010 - Jan Młodożeniec, Plakaty, Kalisz

Exhibition: Galeria Schody 2010-2017